Jacqui Ward Bsc(Hons)


Registered Member of the
Health and Care Professions Council

Treatments include many foot and lower limb conditions and disorders:

Athle­tes Foot
Diabe­tic Issues
Arthr­itic Issues
Circul­atory Issues
Fungal Nails
Plantar Fasci­itis
Footw­ear Advice

About Jacqui

Member of:

  • the Health and Care Professions Council
  • the College of Podiatry
  • the Society of Shoefitters.
  • Diabetes UK

Jacqui Ward is a practitioner in podiatry (also known as chiropody).

She is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and is a member of the College of Podiatry. Jacqui’s NHS podiatry clinical experience has been in St. Ives Cambridgeshire, North Wales and Corby. Her training experience has included sports and paediatrics. She has teaching experience too. The combination of these experiences gives Jacqui an insight into foot health care education issues. The overall aim of the service is to enhance client mobility and comfort.

Jacqui became a member of The Society of Shoe Fitters in 2016 (M.S.S.F) and is keen to promote the work of qualified shoe fitters in the local area. Jacqui provides a private podiatry/chiropody service in either a home or clinic environment. Jacqui offers talks on foot health issues too. The service provision takes place in the town of Kettering and neighbouring towns and villages.

My Clients say:

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  • Appointment charges start from £30.00
  • Please allow approximately 1 hour for the 1st appointment
  • Please keep a record of all your current medications with you for each appointment
  • Appointments include a combination of treatments, footwear and exercise advice