Privacy Notice

What information is held?

Within a client’s clinical record the following information is held. Personal data- contact details, age, gender, marital status, occupation, GP contact details, medical history, drugs history, family medical history, treatment record.

Why is it held?

The data is collected to assist with appropriate treatment provision. Client’s records are updated within follow-up appointments.

The source of data

The data is provided verbally/in writing by the client at the initial and follow-up appointments.

Sharing of data

These records will only be shared with other HCPC registered professionals such as GP/Podiatric Surgeon should this be deemed beneficial for the client’s wellbeing.

Storage of data

The Data controller (Podiatrist) stores the data securely at a private address. The data is stored for the length of time as directed by the professional body of chiropodists and podiatrists.